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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Reflections on 2011

Here’s a review of some highlights from the last year of blogging at Better Movement. Some stats About a year ago, Better Movement averaged about 4,500 page views per month. It looks like the year will end with an average of about 16,000 page views per month. There are now more than 1,000 subscribers of… Read More

More Incredible Dancing

I just came across another video of my new movement hero, Marquis Scott, aka Nonstop, of the dancing group Remote Kontrol. This will drop your jaw a little if you haven’t seen this guy before. Simply unbelievable. I posted another video of the same guy here. Read More

Is the Overhead Squat a Good Assessment?

There are many corrective exercise experts who extol the virtues of the overhead squat as an assessment of functional and healthy movement. For example, the overhead squat is one of several moves that comprise the popular Functional Movement Screen developed by Gray Cook. The overhead squat (“OHS”) is certainly an interesting movement. To do it,… Read More

More on Fatigue: Math Makes You Weak

In a previous post I discussed the idea that fatigue, much like pain, is a subjective experience created by the brain to protect you from physical threats caused by the stress of heavy physical exertion. So when we experience fatigue, it’s not so much that the body can’t, it’s that the brain won’t. An interesting… Read More

When Crossfit Crosses the Line

As I’ve discussed in other posts, it’s a good idea to be mindful of your threat level as you exercise, to use good safe form, and to avoid a “no pain no gain” mentality. And of course it goes without saying that getting injured is not a good outcome for a training session and completely… Read More

What’s the Single Best Way to Improve Health?

Here’s a great little video I just found that attempts to answer a bar room debate type question: what is the single best thing we can do to improve our health? Can you guess the answer? (Hint: this blog is called Better Movement). I like this video because it makes things very simple. I am… Read More

Is Fatigue All in Your Head?

I just heard of a new series of studies (hat tip to Diane Jacobs) which provide a very good example of how the brain acts as a central governor on physical performance.* For a long time, research on the causes of muscle fatigue have focused exclusively on changes in the muscle itself, while ignoring the… Read More