Free Audio Lesson on Improving Spinal Rotation

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Integrated and differentiated rotation

I have written quite a bit on this blog about the practices I recommend for developing coordinated, comfortable and efficient movement. Finally, here is an example of what I am talking about.

I’ve attached a link below to an audio recording of a movement lesson I created based on the Feldenkrais Method. I intend to start doing this on a regular basis, with each lesson addressing a different theme, such as how to improve a fundamental movement like the squat.

The purpose of the lesson below is to improve rotation, a movement involved in nearly everything we do, including walking, running, reaching and looking around. Rotation is also the dominant spinal pattern of almost any powerful move used in sport, such as punching, kicking, swinging and throwing. This means that if you can improve your rotation, you can expect to improve almost anything you do physically.

The lesson will take about 25 minutes. After the lesson you can expect to feel that rotation is easier – more comfortable, powerful, integrated, smooth, less pain, hesitation, ratcheting, stiffness, etc.

All you need is a place on the floor to lie down and sit. Try it and let me know what you think. (The quality is a little rough, this is the first time I have done this.) To do the lesson, click on the link below:

Improving Spinal Rotation

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20 Responses to Free Audio Lesson on Improving Spinal Rotation

    • Thanks Cory! I have been meaning to check out your novel movements series, looks great.

      I will definitely be doing more of these (depending on the response). Next week maybe something on playing with the flat foot squat.

  1. All that I do as a Rolfer, is basically meaningless without adding movement. I am always interested in adding new ideas to my work, especially those related to Feldenkrais. I am enjoying your posts.

  2. Hey Paul – I think it’s great that you are posting some sessions online. Looking forward to doing this one.

    – Ryan

    I may post a link to you in a blog post. Are you a Feldenkrais Practitioner? I am hoping you will say “no” because I want to a post on “non” practitioners experimenting with Feldenkrais sessions.

    • Ryan,

      Thanks. I plan to post lessons regularly.

      Sorry to disappoint, but I am half of a Feldenkrais practitioner. Just starting my third year of training. But link me! Poke around the blog there’s plenty that is not the same old same old. Science comes first, “what Moshe said” second.

  3. Hi Todd Really enjoyed trying out your spinal rotation audio lesson. Like my bodies relearning its ancient dance !!! Will be looking forward to making your Better Core Movement part of a more mindfulness way of being.


  4. Thanks for this Todd. I coach a golf team and think this could benefit my guys. Any other posts that you think would be beneficial to read for increased rotational ability, especially pelvic rotation?

  5. I have listened to (and attended) quite a few feldenkrais lessons and yours was by far the clearest and the results were quite dramatic. I sincerely hope you post more. (suffered terribly through the squatting one though and couldn’t even finish part one, but still it was very clear).
    I think you are doing a great sevice. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  6. Todd, I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome (seriously, everywhere) and I’ve read your book and blog, and did the flexion and extension exercises you recorded. Even though I’ve read a lot of other things about movement and Feldenkrais , the way you explain it really helps me understand so much better somehow. I kept wishing that you would record all your lessons and here it is! I can’t thank you enough for recording them, it makes a huge difference. Thanks for all you’ve done thus far, you help more than you know.

    • Hi Jody,

      I am very pleased that I could be of some help. Thanks very much for the kind words and best of luck with continued progress. I will try to keep the audio lessons coming!

  7. I want to thank you for this lesson and your site. I have seen several phyisiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists and a muscle activation therapist for my years of lower back pain. With the information and lessons from this site and your book (but I think this lesson in particular), I’m now able to play golf and ball hockey (I’m Canadian) without horrible back pain and stiffness.
    Thank you very, very much.

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