Baby Liv Part Two

Irene Lyon has just completed a sequel to her amazing Baby Liv video, which I posted about here.

Part two looks at Liv’s development into crawling. Watch it first for the cuteness, and then second (and third) to learn something about how humans develop their movement skills.

Thanks Irene and Liv, fantastic work. Great illustration of movement that is playful, slow, and variable.  

If you want to see another excellent video of a baby at play/work, click here for Charles-Edward.

And if you want to get to work/play yourself and recall what it was like to be in Liv’s shoes, click here for some free Feldenkrais lessons. 

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4 Responses to Baby Liv Part Two

  1. Great video indeed. Having 3 kids (with one little girl just starting to crawl these last few days) I have always noticed that they are very happy when they acquire a new movement skill.

    They are very happy they can do it, so they can explore and sometimes manipulate their surroundings more. And they immediately ‘invent’ new play forms. On the first day my daughter crawled, she started playing with me: I crawled towards her and she crawled away as fast as she could, laughing out loud.

    Isn’t natural selection great? Babies enjoy new skills, so they practice those skills automatically. Imagine the opposite: children not enjoying learning new things. Ooops, that’s what’s happening a lot in schools…

    Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Peter,

      They do look happy don’t they? And I have also noticed that they can look pretty angry and frustrated when they are in trouble with a skill.

  2. I was struck by a) how adorable Liv is, and b) how focused and intent she seemed on her movement. I’d never really looked at a baby learning to move. I have a lot to go back and review…

    • Khaled,

      I have a six year and a two year old, so I’ve seen lots of infant toddler and playground movement in the past six years. Very interesting!

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