How to Grow a Baby’s Brain

How does a baby’s brain develop? Do you plop them in front of some Baby Einstein DVD’s with a Mozart soundtrack?

Hell no. The brain is designed for movement, and movement is what wires it up. To grow a child’s brain, give them a safe place to play.

Here’s an amazing video of Charles-Edward, a nine month old boy who knows how to go to work. Check out what he does when given four hours to play in a room full of toys. Filmed and time lapsed down to two minutes by his father Francis:

Beautiful. Well done Charles, you are well on your way to world domination.

What may look like chaos here is actually a series of highly controlled movement experiments performed one after the other by a master scientist. Every second Charles is making a plan, checking the results, comparing the resulting data to expectation, and then making adustments for the next round of experiments.

Thanks to Francis for making this beautiful video and to Irene Gutteridge, the creator of the baby liv video for pointing it out.

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  1. My lastest creation is 14 months old and I could make a video that would look like time lapse but in reality is real time that moves at the speed of your video.

  2. I hear you Todd,if you dont want them to get hurt or die,thats level 1. Level 2, wanting to perserve personal possesions and pets. With this being number 3 kid, spread out over 26 years, the eyes of a 59 year old who is interested in this stuff see alot.What I see is the contents of this blog with a bit more angst thrown in.Its fun to see theory in action.

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