Do You Even Mobility?

A few months ago I came across a very informative video by Dom Mazetti, a distinguished professor of bro-science.

In the video, Dom uses a flow chart and well-established principles of bro-logic to determine whether someone “even lifts.” If you haven’t already watched it, I highly recommend it.

So why am I posting a video about bodybuilding on a site devoted to “better movement”?

The movement community has a lot to learn from the lifting community, which has been trading rumor, gossip and anecdotes about how to get huge for more than fifty years. By comparison, the “movement” community is still in its infancy. Concepts like functional movement, “better movement”, primal movement, rehabbing, prehabbing, releasing, activating, mobilizing, melting and centrating have not been around for as long.

But due to internet discussion on forums and Facebook, we have already made quick progress – we are on the road to building a true bro-science related to movement. I think this process will accelerate if we start to identify who among us really deserves any credit for having movement quality. Body builders can easily decide whose programs to follow by looking at the size of a coach’s muscles. In the movement world, how do we judge who is worth listening to?

With that in mind, I have developed a chart similar to Brofessor Mazetti’s which seeks to answer the question: Do You Even Mobility?

Check it out and let me know what you think. To see the whole chart, right click on the image and open it in a new window.

Blog - Do you even mobility


I think I may have left some things out of this, even though it took me more than an hour. Feel free to provide comments below. And next time someone says anything on Facebook or an internet forum about mobility or movement, make sure to ask whether they even mobility. That’s how the peer review process works.


Quick disclaimer: I have studied and used nearly every method listed on the chart. Just having some fun. 


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11 Responses to Do You Even Mobility?

  1. Greig Taylor says:

    The winner is: pterygoid tightness wrecks hip. I feel like there is a whole barefoot breathing section needed, but you may have already spent too much time on this….

    • Todd Hargrove says:

      Hi Greig,

      Breathing and barefooting are some definite gaps in the chart. I had a joke about Vibrams in there somewhere but it didn’t flow.

  2. This was fantastic, you should think about making a chart for diet and how pretty much everything is going to kill you somehow haha

  3. Dan says:

    I loved this. Especially the do you flow like an animal….start the weekend cert courses and youtube filming.

    You need to sell t-shirts..

  4. spencer says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thought you might enjoy this video, This guy moves pretty well not sure where it falls in the chart:

  5. Curious – what is “a true bro-science?”

  6. stacy says:

    Great post as usual…..waiting for the book, updates?
    One more thing, why dont you have FM down again for mobility with letters to get to flow? Maybe it was a wrap around since the chart got cut off? :-) Check out Jeff Haller’s work on organizing for strength…..

  7. sally says:

    “Bro-science “? Yea, no thanks.

  8. Eric says:

    Loved the post, you could put another 20 hours into that mobility flow chart…hysterical! Is that “Mo-Science”?

  9. Ryan says:

    Love the video of the Brofessor –
    Great chart – LOL at the DNS No and some other ones.

    Fan of your work and read your book recently. Great job!

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