Interview at Cinema Says

800px-SennMicrophoneI just did an interview with Cinema, a physical therapist who writes a great blog at Cinema Says. I was honored to be asked to do the interview and the questions were great.

We talked about my background as an attorney, what I think about evidence-based versus science-based practice, my upcoming book, how I practice, my favorite books, and lots of other subjects I don”t often talk about on this blog. It think it came out pretty well.

You can check it out here.



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2 Responses to Interview at Cinema Says

  1. Hi Todd,

    A fine interview. I remain interested in your sense of cultural influence, instinctive correction and the origins of pain. Are they out there some where?

    We certainly share an enthusiasm for Game of Thrones.

    My best,

    • Hi Barrett,

      Thanks glad you like it. Those are all fascinating topics and I have considered them a little bit from time to time, but nowhere near as much as you. I suppose if we lived in Westeros we would have less social pressures limiting freedom of movement and instinctive correction. Good manners hadn’t evolved in most places yet. Plus, anything less than losing a limb would be unlikely to get sympathy or medical attention, so the social benefits of pain would be far more limited.

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