Some Updates

Here’s a few quick updates.

New Formats for A Guide to Better Movement

My book is now available on Kindle and Nook. Are there are any other formats or markets you would like to see? Audio? iTunes? Anyone interested in videos of the lessons in the book?


I recently did a podcast with Justin Goodhart at Well Rounded Athlete. Justin asked some great questions and we talked about body maps, the said principal, transfer, developmental movements, and lots of other stuff from my new book. Check it out here.

I also did a very enjoyable podcast with Erin Goldman at Awakened Heart Yoga. We talked about the connections between emotion and movement, including why posture and mood can be a two way street and why “moving happy moves” is a good way to feel better. I will let you know when it is available, which should be in August.

Have a great Holiday weekend!

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9 Responses to Some Updates

  1. It would be great If you had an video version of the lessons that could be followed along to by the audio alone. That way if a direction is confusing you could refer to the video to see an example of it, but wouldn’t need to watch the video the whole way through to do the lesson.

    I’d still be interested in an audio version of the book and lessons though. I know video production can be a lot of work.

  2. Hi Todd,

    I would love to see videos of all the lessons in the books. It would certainly help me a lot as I am a visual learner. Thanks!

  3. I’d love a video and/or audio version of the movement lessons in the book. That’s what I came to your site looking for!

  4. I received a print copy of A Guide to Better Movement today and was wondering if you might give consideration to putting the Endnotes online? There are quite a lot of web addresses, often quite lengthy and/or complicated, and it would be easier to follow them up via a hyperlinked version on your site.

  5. Hi Todd,

    I would just like to chip and agree with the other comments above. Thoroughly enjoyed the book, would love to have a video of the movements with an audio of the instructions, so that you could work away without having to reference the book. Or even just the audio. Great stuff!

  6. Hi Todd!

    I would love to have an audio version of your book! Is there any plans for this in the future?

    Thanks for all your work!

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