Practical Science on Movement and Pain

About Better Movement

Todd Hargrove, Certified Rolfer and Feldenkrais PractitionerI’m Todd Hargrove, a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and a certified Rolfer. I live in Seattle and have a local practice you can read about here. I used to be a lawyer.

Twenty years ago, I experienced some back pain and a strong desire to win squash matches, so I began studying (obsessively) about how to move better and with less pain. I got some great results, and now I’m trying to share what I learned.

The theme of this blog is that the nervous system has far more control over strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and pain than is commonly assumed. So I try to report on recent advances in neuroscience and pain science and how you can apply them to improve your movement capability.

I also frequently take a skeptical look at many questionable ideas that are found in the worlds of personal training, corrective exercise, bodywork, and physical therapy.

Some of my articles have been featured at the Perfect Health DietSave Yourself, and Conditioning Research. I also did an interview with Will Stewart which can be heard here.

And, I did a lecture on the body maps which you can purchase at Movement Lectures.

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