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About Better Movement

Do you want to move better and feel better? Or help others do the same?

Better Movement includes almost two hundred free articles that discuss the science of movement and pain. You can find a lot of this information elsewhere by slogging through textbooks, internet forums or Pubmed. But on this blog it is presented in a format that is condensed, readable, precise, accurate and practical. The articles are written for movement professionals, chronic pain sufferers, athletes, and anyone else who wants to move with more skill and comfort.

One theme of this blog is that the nervous system has more control over pain, strength, flexibility, and endurance than most people would imagine. Another theme is that there is a lot of misinformation out there about pain, posture, corrective exercise. Buyer beware!

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About the Author

Todd Hargrove, Certified Rolfer and Feldenkrais PractitionerBetter Movement is written by me, Todd Hargrove, a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Rolfer, and author of A Guide to Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving with More Skill and Less Pain.

Twenty years ago, I was an attorney with a lot of back pain who was trying to win squash tournaments. So I began studying (obsessively) how to move better and with less pain. I got some great results, quit my law job to become a body worker, and now I’m trying to share what I learned.

I live in Seattle and have a local practice you can read about here.