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Is Science Your Enemy?

Steven Pinker has a thought provoking article out this week called Science is Not Your Enemy. I hesitate to link it, because it discusses politics and religion, which are not the topics of this blog. So, fair warning and read at your own risk! But it had so many great thoughts on anti-science attitudes thatRead More

“Soulless Bodies and Bodiless Souls”

This post is a little philosophical, and you may even find it offensive, so I will apologize in advance and keep it mercifully short. I have done a lot of reading on the internet about the many different approaches to manual therapy. Some ideas are good, some are not so good. And some are ratherRead More

More Deepities: Does Intention Have Power?

In some recent posts I introduced the idea of a deepity, which is a statement that precariously balances between two possible meanings, one true but rather uninteresting, the other earth shatteringly profound but … not really true. Today’s installment is the word “intention”, which is often used as a deepity in the world of manualRead More

More Deepities: What is “Energy Work”?

In a previous post I introduced the concept of a deepity. Deepity is term coined by Dan Dennett to describe a somewhat ambiguous statement that precariously balances between two possible meanings. One potential meaning is true but trivially obvious, while the other would be earth shatteringly profound if true, but is in fact false. DennettRead More

Is the “Mind Body Connection” Science or Pseudoscience?

Do you believe in a “mind body connection”? I hear this phrase thrown around a lot. To some people the whole idea sounds like voodoo, while others think it is a concept from the frontiers of neuroscience. Others think it is an earth shattering profundity of spiritual dimension that will revolutionize medicine, science and lifeRead More