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“Soulless Bodies and Bodiless Souls”

This post is a little philosophical, and you may even find it offensive, so I will apologize in advance and keep it mercifully short. I have done a lot of reading on the internet about the many different approaches to manual therapy. Some ideas are good, some are not so good. And some are ratherRead More

Why Massage is Like Chicken Sexing

I’ve written before on this blog about how manual therapists can develop some very questionable ideas about exactly how they are helping their clients. Like thinking they can manipulate energy fields, chakras, chi or cerebral spinal fluid patterns. Interestingly, my own observation is that many therapists who believe the craziest things actually get some pretty good results! How could this happen? How …Read More

More Deepities: What is “Energy Work”?

In a previous post I introduced the concept of a deepity. Deepity is term coined by Dan Dennett to describe a somewhat ambiguous statement that precariously balances between two possible meanings. One potential meaning is true but trivially obvious, while the other would be earth shatteringly profound if true, but is in fact false. DennettRead More