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Pain and Memory

Louis Gifford said that learning about the biology of memory was very informative to his understanding of chronic pain. For example, he thought certain pains were like advertising jingles that get stuck in your head  – they’re annoying, don’t serve any purpose, and are hard to get rid of. Here are some other interesting connections between pain… Read More

Ideomotion Part 2: Corrective Movements

In a previous post I introduced the concept of ideomotion, which is a non voluntary movement prompted by mental activity. In this post I’ll discuss Barrett Dorko’s interesting theory that ideomotion may play a role in reducing and preventing some common sources of chronic pain. Here is my (hopefully accurate) interpretation of Dorko’s theory in a nutshell…. Read More

Can Ideomotion Treat Chronic Pain? Part One

Ideomotion is a movement that occurs as a result of mental activity, but independently of conscious volition. This makes it a very mischievous movement. Although most people have never heard of ideomotion, it is the likely explanation for a wide variety of interesting phenomena, such as ouija boards, cold reading, poker tells, various scams and magic tricks, and certain claims of supernatural power
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