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New Class on Developmental Movements: February 17 – March 24

Who wants to attend a fun movement class? I am teaching a series of six classes that focus on developmental movements like breathing, rolling, squatting, and crawling. The classes are based on the Feldenkrais Method, and the concepts set forth in my book. That means the movements will be slow, mindful, non-threatening, curious, exploratory, fun,… Read More

How to Sit with More Comfort

Do you experience tension, discomfort, and a pervasive feeling of overall yuckiness while sitting in your chair staring at the computer hour after hour? Let’s face it. You probably do. And you probably know that the best solution to this problem is to get out of your chair as often as possible and get moving. Your body… Read More

Free Audio Lesson: Squat Fundamentals Volume 1

Most people in the exercise world seem to agree that the squat is a very natural or fundamental human movement. Babies and toddlers learn to do it perfectly without instruction.Hunter gatherers squat like champs. Unfortunately, westerners tend to lose their ability to sit comfortably in a full squat by the time they are adolescents. But… Read More