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Awesome Slow Motion Cheetah Video

Want to see some incredible high definition super slow motion video of a cheetah running after a chew toy? With some great African music in the background? No blood, no killing, just cuteness and awesomeness? I thought so. Check it out: [ylwm_vimeo]53914149[/ylwm_vimeo]   How gorgeous. Thanks to reader Dave Fletcher for pointing this out. There… Read More

Movement of the Week: Slow Motion Soccer Kick

It’s been a while since I posted a video in my Movement of the Week series. Perhaps I should call this the “Movement of Indeterminate Time Frame.” Anyway the featured movement in this post is a very cool slow motion video of a vicious soccer shot. I found this after Clifton Tarski commented on my “Best Athlete in the… Read More

Movement of the Week: Squash!

The movement of the week is about squash! I love squash, and like most squash players, I would give my left arm to be a better player.

Squash is one of those things like surfing or rock climbing or fly fishing that hard core fans get so geeked up about that non fans have a tough time understanding why there is such a fuss. So if you get that impression at some point during this blog post, … Read More

Movement of the Week: Monkey Bars

I hung some gymnastic rings over a rafter in my garage. I wish they were in the living room because I really like them. Whenever I walk by I like to swing a little back and forth, left and right, in circles, with one or two arms. I think part of the reason I like swinging on the rings so much is that my ancestors probably engaged in lots of similar activity when they lived in trees. Read More

Movement of the Week: The Hadza Squat

Have you ever noticed that toddlers are champion squatters? They sit into the deep squat with total ease, hang out there for a while, play with some toys, look around aimlessly, eat some dirt, poop their pants, get up again, walk three steps, and then drop down smooth as silk into the deep squat again. And then over and over again, like twenty times in ten minutes, with no sense of effort or fatigue at all…. Read More

Movement of the Week: Gebr v. Tergat

Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebrselassie and Paul ...

I am not a big fan of running. I’ve always played ball sports like tennis, squash and soccer. So I will run, but only when I’m chasing after a ball. Otherwise, what’s the point? I honestly cannot understand how people slog away mile after mile on their feet or on a bike or in a pool doing the same thing over and over again. And they seem to like it! Whenever I hear that someone is a great runner, I always think – wow that would be useful on the soccer field…. Read More

Better Movement of the Week

I’ve decided to add a new feature to the blog – a (hopefully) weekly showcase of a video of a some excellent movement, along with some brief commentary about why I found it inspiring, or interesting, or exemplary of some of the principles I talk about on this blog. To start off, here is a beautiful video of man spear fishing while holding his breath for several minutes deep under the ocean. Read More