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Does Excessive Sitting Shorten the Hip Flexors?

Excessive sitting will shorten your hip flexors. I have read this sentence many times. What I have never read is a citation to supporting evidence at the end of the sentence. It’s one of those claims that no one ever questions, like you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Let’s see how it stand up to some critical inquiry…. Read More

More Deepities: Does Intention Have Power?

In some recent posts I introduced the idea of a deepity, which is a statement that precariously balances between two possible meanings, one true but rather uninteresting, the other earth shatteringly profound but … not really true. Today’s installment is the word “intention”, which is often used as a deepity in the world of manual… Read More

More Deepities: What is “Energy Work”?

In a previous post I introduced the concept of a deepity. Deepity is term coined by Dan Dennett to describe a somewhat ambiguous statement that precariously balances between two possible meanings. One potential meaning is true but trivially obvious, while the other would be earth shatteringly profound if true, but is in fact false. Dennett… Read More

More Back Pain Myths: MRI Abnormalities

I just read a new study that provides yet more evidence that the body can sustain substantial tissue damage that is not accompanied by pain. In the new study, researchers evaluated 44 pain-free adolescent boys involved in rowing. They found that nine rowers (40%) had at least one abnormality detected by MRI in the lumbar… Read More

Five Misconceptions About Posture

As a Rolfer, I see many people who want to improve their posture. Many are already in the process of applying some questionable advice they may have read on the internet. This post summarizes some of the major misconceptions people seem to have about posture. Bad Idea #1: Bad Posture Is The Cause of your… Read More

More on Back Pain Myths: Core Strength

In a recent post I argued that there exists very little scientific evidence to justify the ubiquitous recommendation that core strengthening is a good way to prevent and/or cure low back pain.  In fact, there is significant evidence that core work is no better than general exercise for these purposes.  Some recent studies have provided… Read More

Seven Things You Should Know About Pain Science

In the previous post I discussed some common back pain myths, such as the ideas that bulging discs, “bad” posture, or lack of core strength are major causes of back pain. As I noted, the evidence just doesn’t support those claims, and this is somewhat surprising and counterintuitive. However, learning some basics of pain science… Read More

Back Pain Myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs

Problem? It is an article of faith among many mainstream experts that poor posture, lack of core strength, and/or structural abnormalities such as bulging discs are major causes of pain, especially back pain. A further assumption is that by working to correct such imbalances, through stretching or strengthening regimes, or surgery, the imbalances can be… Read More