By Todd Hargrove


I'm an author, bodyworker and movement therapist. I write about coordination, pain, complexity, play, the nervous system, body/mind issues and more.

First Post

Ok here's my first post.  Lets define what I'm trying to do here.  This a blog is about whatever thoughts I need to get out of my head and onto paper on the following topics related to healthy, efficient, pain free, expressive creative, enjoyable and productive movement including: training, pain, proprioception, neuroscience, sports, felddenkrais, yoga, nerve mechanics, strength, mobility, diet, functional training, etc.  I will probably have a special focus on my favorite movement modality, Z-Health.  I hope that my friends, family, colleagues and clients can read this, learn something useful, and give me some feedback so that I can learn something as well.  OK.

Why Better Movement?