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Movement of the Week: Squash!

The movement of the week is about squash! I love squash, and like most squash players, I would give my left arm to be a better player. Squash is one of those things like surfing or rock climbing or fly fishing that hard core fans get so geeked up about that non fans have a tough time understanding why there is such a fuss. So if you get that impression at some point during this blog post, ...

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What is Strength?

Everyone seems to agree that strength is a good thing. Sports trainers claim that increasing your strength will allow you to run faster, jump higher, hit harder. Physical therapists will tell you that increasing strength in a certain muscle will cure back pain, knee pain, and hip pain.

Regardless of whether or not these claims have any merit, one thing I find interesting is that hardly anyone ever defines what they mean by strength. And that’s probably because it can be a very elusive concept to pin down...

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Running and Hoops: Then and Now

I have always been amazed at how far basketball skill has come in the past fifty years. Today's players are so much better than players from previous eras that it doesn't even look like the same sport. To put this development in perspective, let's compare some footage over time. Bob Cousy was one of the top players from the 1950s. He was considered one of the game's flashiest players, earning him the nickname "Houdini of the Hardwood." Check out some of his "fancy dan" moves ...

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Home Base

When you are doing joint mobility drills or otherwise exploring movement at a particular joint, do you spend more time at the end ranges of motion where movement is stiff and limited, or in the neutral zone where movement is easy? Of course movement in each zone is a potentially beneficial way to map the joint for the brain. But often the ...

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