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Practical Science on How to Move Better and Feel Better


New Book

"Todd Hargrove has done it again. Taking a complicated and diverse body of knowledge and making it interesting, topical and useful.  Consider this book your personal FAQ resource on how to move better and feel better.

- Dr. Greg Lehman, Author of Recovery Strategies, Your Pain Recovery Guidebook.

“Playing With Movement is a marvelous synthesis of science related to fitness, health, sport and complexity. The writing is lucid and inspiring, with substantive content that could fill numerous books. Even with plenty of exposure to the subject matter, I learned a lot.”

- Paul Ingraham, publisher of

Hargrove's insight and crystal-clear writing lead the reader on an informative and enjoyable journey. Playing with Movement weaves together a broad swath of research related to optimizing perfomance and reducing pain.” 

-Stephan J. Guyenet, PhD, author of The Hungry Brain

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