Announcement for Seattle Readers: Movement Classes Next Month

Get info on audio lessons and e-bookI will be teaching five weeks of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement ("ATM") classes in Seattle starting January 31, 2012. Please contact me if you are interested in attending so I can save some space. Here are the details:


The classes are designed to improve coordination of the spine and ribs. In that regard, each lesson will focus on a basic movement of the trunk, such as flexion, extension, rotation, side flexion, etc. These are the fundamental building blocks upon which all our movements are built. Thus, if you get better at any of these basic movements, you will improve all the other movements which are built on this foundation, which is to say everything you do physically.

If you want to know what an ATM lesson is like, you can do some free samples here.


Classes will be held Tuesdays evenings from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, from January 31 through February 28.


Classes will be held at Room 36 on the second floor of the brick building of the Phinney Ridge Community Center at 6615 Dayton Ave. N, Seattle.

Please note that the community center has two buildings - a blue building at street level on Phinney, and a brick building down the hill with its own parking lot. You want to go to the brick building. Directions to the brick building are here.


The cost is $10 per class or $8 per class if you want to pay for all five in advance. The classes build on a common theme but each can be done separately.

To sign up

Just show up. But space is limited, so if you want to make sure there is space, contact me here.