What's the Single Best Way to Improve Health?

Here's a great little video I just found that attempts to answer a bar room debate type question: what is the single best thing we can do to improve our health? Can you guess the answer? (Hint: this blog is called Better Movement). http://youtu.be/aUaInS6HIGo

I like this video because it makes things very simple. I am often writing on this blog all about some complicated neuroscience or research, but hopefully it always serves to illustrate some simple and practical principle. Our bodies were made to move. Move it or lose it. Motion is lotion. Pay attention to what you are doing. Practice makes perfect. Etc.

Another thing I like about this video is the reminder that health and function are long term projects that are not determined by whether you spend the weekend at some boot camp punishment fest, or max out your bench press in the next month.

Little differences from day to day add up in the long run. Loss of health can be a glacially slow process that can be hard to see coming. Recovery of health might be just as slow, but the video makes clear that small daily doses of movement have measurable and meaningful effects as the years pass.

Make sure you get your daily dose!

(Hat tip to Diane Jacobs and Michael Reoch for the video.)

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