Five Great New Titles for Blog Posts

I have a favor to ask my readers.* I am working on a new set of posts that I think will really drive some traffic to the site. Market research shows people just love to read about certain subjects, and I have put together some great new blog post titles addressing those subjects. But I am having some real problems filling out the content.

Here is the list of my new titles with the draft content. What am I missing here?

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Eat fewer calories than you consume until you can eventually see your abs.

[Insert pictures of food.]


How to Get a Massive Chest

Lift very heavy weights that target the muscles of the chest. Then rest, eat lots of food, and then try to lift more weight or do more reps next time, then repeat this process until you eventually have a massive chest.

[Insert pictures of a man with large chest. Making fun of a nerd?]


How to Get a Bikini Body

Get a bikini. Put it on your body.

[Insert before and after pics: "before" is one piece, "after" is bikini]


How to Get Awesome at any Sport

Practice the sport as much as possible with the help of a good coach, until eventually you are awesome at that sport.

[Insert picture of Lionel Messi.]


Five fun new ways to workout

Try new exercises in the gym and see if they are fun, until you have found five of them.

[Insert suggestions for exercises that are fun?]


What do you think? Are these good to go? Any help is appreciated!

*Not really. This post is a just a (bad) joke.