Upcoming Events

2014 should be an exciting year for Better Movement! Here are some upcoming events.

1. The book

I have sent off the manuscript to the interior designers and they should be done in a few weeks. That means I will probably have some real physical books to sell in about a month! I am extremely pleased with the result and can’t wait to get it out there. After more than a year of work on this all consuming project, it is weird to be pretty much done! I will have more info on the contents and a website up in a week or two.

2. Speaking at the pain management conference

I will be doing a one hour presentation at the 2014 Pain Management Conference in Vancouver on March 28-29, 2014. There will be some great speakers, including Jan DommerholtNeil Pearson and Diane JacobsIt is a real honor to be included. You can register or receive more information by clicking here.

My talk will last about an hour and will discuss pain science, neuroplasticity, cortical body maps, and how these ideas can be used in the practice of movement or manual therapy. It will also include a brief movement lesson based on the Feldenkrais Method that will illustrate a practical application of some of these ideas.

3. Website redesign

I redesigned the site a little. No major changes just a few new colors and banners. Still a little work before its done but so far I like it. What do you think?

4. Guest Post at EvidenceMag

Armi Legge asked me to do a guest post on posture at his new site EvidenceMag.com. Like Armi's old site Impruvism, the new one provides very clear, actionable and evidence based information on how to eat better, move better and live better. He has some great writers contributing to the new site like Alan Aragon, Leigh Peele, Jordan Syatt, Jon Fass, and Bret Contreras. Again, an honor to be included! I will let you know when the article is up and ready.