Upcoming Event: San Diego Pain Summit

I will be doing a one hour presentation and a four-hour workshop February 24-26, 2016 at the San Diego Pain Summit.

It's sunny there.

The purpose of my workshop is to explain and demonstrate basic concepts and practices used in the Feldenkrais Method, and help practitioners expand their understanding of ways to get their clients moving better and feeling better. I think there are only two spots left so sign up now

My one hour presentation will discuss a Feldenkrais perspective on pain science and movement therapy.   

I am very honored to be included in this event because it was awesome last year and the list of other speakers is very impressive:

  • Dr. Robert Sapolosky (!)
  • Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti
  • Dr. Greg Lehman
  • Dr. Sandra Hilton
  • Dr. Michael Shacklock
  • Alison Sim
  • Dr. Bronnie Thompson 
  • Dr. Ravensara Travillian 
  • Dr. Kevin Knowles

Hope to see you there.

Did I mention its sunny in San Diego in February?

And they have good beer.  

Sign up now!

Todd HargroveComment