Highlights of 2012

This year I published 53 posts and received more than 330,000 page views. That's about twice as many as last year. Here are some of the highlights. 1. How Does Kinseotape Work?

This post got more page views than any other, thanks primarily to the burning desire of many googling Olympics fans to know why so many athletes were wearing colorful tape all over their bodies.

2. The Trouble with MRIs

In this post, not only did I get to make fun of my brother and his favorite tennis player Gene Mayer, but I was asked by Mike Boyle if he could post the article it on his site. Cool.

3. The World's Best Athlete Parts 1-3.

Most articles on this subject are sheer nonsense. So is mine, but it is the best one I have ever read by a long shot. The purpose here was to apply some serious analysis to an inherently stupid question. There is some great bar room debating in the comment section.

4. The Lorimer Moseley/Paul Hodges Conference

Attending a conference where Lorimer Moseley and Paul Hodges spoke for three days was the educational highlight of the year for me, and I tried to pack as much information as possible into this series of posts (which still isn't done yet!).

5. My Talk at Movementlectures.com

I was very honored that Laree Draper asked me to do an audio recording at her site movementlectures.com. You can check out my talk on the Body Maps here.

6. Does Anterior Tilt Cause Low Back Pain?

It's amazing how many people just assume the answer is yes, even though most evidence (that I found at least) points in the other direction. Sometimes the truth can just hide in plain sight. There's some good debate in the comments.

7. Soulless Bodies and Bodiless Souls

I was worried that my readers would be grossed out by the philosophical tone of this post, but apparently I have more geeky readers than I reckoned because many were begging for more.

8. Use or Lose it. A Graphic Illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words. One of my most popular posts this year was pretty much just a picture.

9. Some Myths About Toning

This was a fun post that post got linked by Tony Gentilcore and Ben Bruno, who each write excellent blogs about lifting heavy stuff. Look at that, I can hang with the T Nation bros. Just needed to make some jokes about pink dumbbells.

10. [Insert Mayan joke here]

Happy New Year, thanks for reading, and good luck with your movement in 2013!